Hype form ads to zine

Collaborating on the “zero edition” of an event like the Concorso d’eleganza Varignana 1705 is truly inspiring. It involves laying the groundwork for a new tradition, territorial and collective heritage.

When Palazzo di Varignana approached us to work on the positioning and communication of the event, we drew upon our expertise in the lifestyle and automotive worlds to provide comprehensive strategic and creative support. Our involvement ranged from branding to digital marketing, press office to influencer marketing, content creation to profile and social media campaign management.

The result was a high-profile motoring event featuring rare automobiles and guests from all around the world. Through intensive PR efforts, the event captured the attention of prominent specialist publications such as Robb Report, Magneto, Sport Mediaset, Ansa, and Ruoteclassiche.

The content mix for social media channels includes carefully curated auto, lifestyle, and luxury content designed to capture the interest of enthusiasts and reach all potential target audiences for the venue.

  • Competitor benchmark
  • Brand positioning
  • Communication strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Content creation
  • Video making
  • PR and Digital PR
  • Social media strategy & planning
  • Social media Ads strategy
  • Influencer & Content creator strategy
  • Reporting and optimization