The brand identity aspires to pleasure


Create from scratch the brand image of an emerging brand of electronic cigarettes, studying its positioning, brand identity, naming and logo.


The brand image to devise was that of a top-of-the-range brand compared to its competitors, that was inspirational both in the naming and in the positioning: “Aspira al piacere” ‘aspire to pleasure’ was the concept devised with this in mind, to convey to consumers the idea of experiencing real moments of pleasure without any of the negative consequences of smoke; thus not simply a brand of electronic cigarettes, but the aspiration of identifying with values of wellbeing.


After devising the concept it was necessary to create an aspirational naming which, using an appealing play on words could transmit the premium values of the brand: thus Smoqueen was born. The concept was then applied to the coordinated image of the brand, personalising the product and developing all of its offline material: from the P.O.P. material, to the catalogue, the packaging right up to the designing the points of sale and the entire communication.