Strategy scores against sore throats


To promote the use of Benagol in the summer season, the time of year when air conditioning and the changes of temperature between hot and cold can often cause sore throats.


To celebrate the World Cup football tournament of 2014 we outlined a multi-channel project which included both the development of digital activities, with display advertising campaigns and initiatives on the main social media networks, and offline activities, such as setting up the interactive wall at the stations in Rome and Milan and the coordination of the relevant P.O.P. materials.


The idea is already there in the brand name: simple and immediate, it is a creative play on words with the brand name making a direct reference to the world of football.
After the development of the advergame “Benagoool Quiz”, protagonist of the activity in the stations, we stimulated engagement on the Mister T page through thematic columns, Facebook apps and videos in the typical style of the friendly Benagol testimonial.